creating a new website

Every serious professional needs a serious website.

My goal is to have a place of my own on the internet. Not just a poster on a bulletin board, but a house with a back-garden and garage attached. The online equivalent to a place to get things done. In the manner I’m getting things done at the moment.

The previous website was handmade. A simple, not so simple, solution to WordPress crashing down on me and my hosting service being difficult. So hands-on I grabbed some HTML and CSS and build something just to have something. A good reason to learn some new skills.

It can’t hurt to learn WordPress and to be able to make a website. That’s something a lot of people want.

This site should be different, with more flexibility and easier publishing-possibilities. A place to put things like in a shop-window. So cheers to a new page and hopefully many posts and pages.πŸΊπŸ§€