profile photo: thomas nitz

Hi I’m Jasper, a maker, designer and educator based in Eindhoven (NL). While working as a mediacoach and maker at the Library of Eindhoven I also enjoy building machines and other contraptions in my spare time. Check out my latest projects on Instagram.

Every saturday I host the MakersClub at our library. Here children are introduced to tools, materials and techniques. We teach them how to build things and make their ideas become reality.

We also organise other workshops, all with the goal to help people becoming engaged and capable citizen. You are more independent and less of a helpless consumer when you learn how to do things yourself.

  • maker at library of eindhoven 2018 – recent
  • minx camera – 2018
  • production – piet hein eek – 2017
  • graduate of the design academy eindhoven – 2016